Gogyohshi #2

Poetry, Oct '16
The poet uses Gogyohshi, a form of Japanese micropoetry, to express what he felt when he heard a man ridicule filmmaker Rituparno Ghosh soon after his demise

in life and death
androgyny is funny
blurring the line
though sunrise is not laughed at
nor is sundown laughable

Main photo credit: Pawan Dhall

Author Photo

Rajib Chakrabarti

Rajib Chakrabarti teaches English and hopes that scientific rationalism and secular ethics will one day replace religious dogma.

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  • Image Priydarshi datta   pdatta@bham.rr.com 27-10-2016 | Reply


    • Image Rajib C 27-10-2016

      Thanks for your appreciation, Priyadarshida.

  • Image Rajib Chakrabarti   rajibrcchakrabarti@gmail.com 27-10-2016 | Reply

    I was at my workplace and it was breaking news for me - "Rituparno Ghosh, half-ladies ( sic ) , director, mara gechhe. He, he, he ! [ "Rituparno Ghosh, half-lady, director, has died. Ha, ha, ha !" ]

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