How do you feel?

This graphic is a mixed media artwork created with acrylic and pastel colours on chart paper and computer graphic software. It shows the image of a young person with closed eyes, dreaming of a blue sky. The side profile of the person is presented, and the facial features are such that the person could be of any gender. Only the bust of the person is visible, looming large above a train that is drawn with all details much smaller in scale. Black smoke comes out of the steam engine as the train chugs away. Out of the head of the person a tree with bare limbs grows out. A kite with its string cut dangles from one of the branches, while on another side there is a spool of kite string. The background is a musty blue and white, intermingled with the black of the smoke from the train on one side. Artwork credit: Siddhartha Sankar

Poetry, Jul '17

"How do you feel?"

"Like a blue, blue sky and a train passing by."

"Are you on the train?"

"I'm the sunset. I painted the sky. He left so I painted it with melancholy."

The doctor raced her pencil on the notepad,

"Exhibiting symptoms of schizophrenia: disorganised speech, delusion of grandeur . . ."

She stopped mid-sentence. What is poetry a symptom of?

Main graphic credit: Siddhartha Sankar (mixed media artwork created with acrylic and pastel colours on chart paper and computer graphic software).

Author Photo

Suchetana Sengupta

Suchetana Sengupta is a student, wishes to pursue clinical psychology, seeks respite from the trials and tribulations of life in writing.

Author Photo

Siddhartha Sankar

Siddhartha Sankar believes in using art and creativity to express the unspoken and give voice to the marginalized sections of society. He has studied travel and tourism, worked in the corporate sector and is currently engaged with pocket filmmaking projects.

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  • Image Shyamal Krishna 03-07-2017 | Reply

    The poem is just not Poem, it's just not a poetry, but, at least what I feel, an introspection for us, look back to down the memory lane, to identify our feelings, and to acknowledge, does not matters what others are thinking....unless we will lost, lots of beautiful and wonderful hearts. The poem and the picture has matched appropriately. My best wishes to Suchetana & Siddhatha.

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