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Resources – Health and Legal Service Providers

Welcome to our online searchable database on queer friendly sexual health, mental health and legal aid service providers in India!

Locate mental health professionals, sexual health specialists and human rights lawyers by location and nature of services needed.

For best results:

• Type out or select your location in the first search window below

• Select the state relevant for your location

• Choose the service focus (sexual health, mental health or legal aid)

• Finally choose the specific nature of services needed

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Would you like to provide us information about service providers not included in the database? Tell     us here.We will include them after the validation process as mentioned below.

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More about the database

‘Queer friendliness’ implies:

Having an understanding about gender, sexuality and the associated diversity

Being sensitive to the concerns of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, asexual and other queer individuals around stigma, discrimination, violence, health and larger well-being

Possessing skills as service providers to address the concerns of queer individuals

We have validated the information on all service providers included in the database through a process involving information referees and / or direct interface with service providers.

Detailed self-administered questionnaires were used for the process as also other forms of cross-checking of information.

Those service providers found to have the best of information levels, systems and attitudes in relation to queer individuals have been marked with a blue marker.

However, we are not in a position to guarantee that the quality of service provision will necessarily meet each individual client’s expectations. We are happy to receive any feedback on the quality of service and share it with the service providers concerned.

Please note queer friendliness does not stand for exclusion of individuals who are not queer. That is, services included in this database are available to any individual or group of people in need of them – irrespective of their gender or sexuality.

This database is work-in-progress and new information is being added to it on an ongoing basis. We will be happy to hear from you on the user-friendliness of the database and the quality of service providers listed through a feedback form provided with the database.

You can also provide us information about service providers not included in the database – we will include them after the validation process as mentioned earlier.

No fee was charged for listing of any service provider in this database. Service provider consultation charges and concessions have been mentioned in the database solely to help the clients estimate the likely consultation expenses.

This is a collaborative venture between Grindr for Equality, Los Angeles; Solidarity and Action Against The HIV Infection in India (SAATHII), Chennai; and Varta Trust, Kolkata.

We thank the following queer support groups from different parts of India for their community-sourced referral lists of service providers that contributed to this database: Humsafar Trust, Mumbai; Lakshya Trust, Vadodara; Orinam, Chennai; Sahodaran, Chennai; and Shamakami, Shillong.

This graphic consists of the logos of Grindr for Equality, SAATHII and Varta Trust placed horizontally one after the other in the order mentioned. These three agencies are collaborating partners for the queer friendly online searchable database described on this page.

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